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4. Renting technical equipment for events


Simultaneous booth interpreting events 

We run events, both large and small (international conferences, seminars, company meetings, etc.) We evaluate case by case the specificities and unique technical needs of each event and we discuss all of the above with our client to assess the most suitable material.

The most common needs are the following:

Simultaneous interpreting booth  (for 2 or 3 interpreters) with Bosch infrared (ISO norms).

Infrared headsets (receivers) with up to 32 channels.

Complete loudspeaker system, sound table and microphones.

Projectors, video monitors, plasma screens, etc.


Other services for events

Video and editing: we can take care of the recording and editing needs of your event, for your own use or for promotional purposes.

Audio: we can transcribe the event in the source language or any of the target languages provided by the interpreting services as well as edit it for publication.

Subtitling: we can subtitle the video of the event (see subtitling section for more information).