“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”




01. Road tunnel and water treatment plant extension project in Norway

We translated more than 150,000 words from English and Spanish to Norwegian and vice versa of the technical information of a road tunnel and extension of a water treatment plant. The assignment included the layout of all the Spanish documentation (maps, machine data sheets, etc.).


02.Maintenance and repair project of one of Turkey’s largest airports

We translated all the documents from Spanish to English and Turkish, for the tender process of the runway maintenance and repair projects of one Turkey’s largest airports. After the project was awarded, during the execution phase we provided technical and sworn translations into Turkish as well as interpreting for meetings and training courses held in the country.


03. Railway project in Turkey

We translated more than 250,000 words for the railway project that crosses the world’s deepest underwater tunnel connecting Europe and Asia in Istanbul. Our team was composed of three translators and one reviewer who worked together to deliver the assignment, which was technically very complex, in a month and a half.


04. Road widening project in BraziL

We translated more than 250,000 words from Spanish to Portuguese for the documents relative to the road widening project connecting two of the most important cities in southern Brazil. The translation included both technical documentation as well as documents dealing with occupational risks (procedures, technical instructions, systems manuals, process maps, strategic procedures and registers).


05. Remodeling project of two international airports in Brazil                                                                             

We translated more than 200,000 words from Spanish to English of the documents relative to the remodeling of terminals TPS1 and TPS2 of two of the country’s international airports. The translated documents include maintenance plans, construction plans and engineering plans.


06.  Italian railway project   

We translated more than 60,000 words from Spanish and English to Italian of the technical offer and related documentation for the execution contract for mobile diagnosis in the assessment of the faults and geometry of the Italian rail network.


07. Legal translation (Norway)

Since 2016 we have translated more than 300,000 words in English, Norwegian and Spanish language combinations in the legal setting.


08. Medical studies 

For over five years we have provided translations of medical studies from Spanish to English, Catalan, Basque and Galician, for a leading consulting company in medicine.


09. International event on the future of universities

We provided the interpreting service with twenty English and Portuguese simultaneous interpreters and two international sign interpreters for a conference on the future of universities, where relevant actors from academia, business, and politics gathered together in May of 2018. Amongst those present were his Majesty King Phillip, the former President of the Spanish government Mr. Mariano Rajoy and Ms. Ana Botín, President of Banco Santander.


10. International medical event

Since 2012 we have been the agency responsible for providing all the simultaneous interpreting of one of the most relevant international medical events held in Spain, with three working languages: English, Italian and French.


11. Consecutive interpreting for Chinese artist and director Ai Weiwei 

We provided interpreting services for all the interviews for artist and director Ai Weiwei (Chinese-Spanish, Spanish-Chinese) while on tour promoting his film Human Flow in the Seminci Film Festival of Valladolid in 2017.


12. General shareholders meetings                    

Since 2015 we have overseen and provided simultaneous interpreting in English and/or Spanish sign language for general shareholders meetings for IBEX companies such as Mapfre, Iberdrola, Endesa, Indra, Aena, etc.


13. Annual interpreting events for a multinational

Since 2012 we have been responsible for installing interpreting booths, microphones and signage in four languages (English, German, French and Portuguese) for an annual event organized by an important Spanish multinational.


14. Training courses for a pharmacuetical

We organized training courses for a Japanese pharmaceutical company, including providing booths, microphones and loudspeaker system, as well as Russian, German, French and Italian interpreters working into and from English.

 Subtitling and transcription.png

15. Subtitling project of promotional videos for an international sports channel 

We subtitled videos from English to Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.

Design and layout.png

16. Design and layout for diverse publications                                                                  

We provided translation into several source languages, as well as design, layout and printing of annual publications for a large Spanish construction company (corporate social responsibility report, health and safety manual, quality guide, R+D+I report, signage for events, etc.)