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3. Interpretation


We have a network of interpreters in Spain as well as worldwide to accompany our clients wherever they may need us. Our experience tells us that each event requires a specialized team. We take the time to select the best interpreters to prepare each event in a customized way. We are experienced coordinating large international events and we have risen to the challenge every time. As proof of our experience, for more than a decade we have successfully participated in the same events, serving quickly and efficiently in new events that we organize every year.


Simultaneous booth interpreting

This kind of booth interpreting is the most in-demand form of interpreting for congresses, meetings, shareholder meetings, conferences and all sorts of meetings, large or small, where two or more work languages are used and there is no limit to the number of attendees. For this mode of simultaneous interpreting the corresponding technical equipment is required: booths, headsets, and sound equipment. (See rental of equipment)


Consecutive interpreting

This service covers events that are not lengthy in nature such as press conferences, awards ceremonies, film premieres, interviews, etc. In this form of interpreting the interpreter captures the information by taking note of what the speaker said and then reproduces that speech in the desired language. If the speech is long, the speaker will pause to allow the interpreter to interpret.

In this case no interpreting equipment is necessary but bear in mind that the timing of the event is increased by up to 80% approximately.

Simultaneous interpreting with infoport

We use this technical system to carry out interpreting in real time and provide a more dynamic service for a recommended maximum of up to 20 attendees.

This is the arrangement used for visits to institutions, factories, museums, etc.

The required equipment includes a briefcase with microphones and headsets. (See rental of equipment)


Sign language interpreting Spanish and international

This service is increasingly in demand on behalf of our clients for international congresses and most notably for live streaming. If the event involves several languages and Spanish is not the only language to be interpreted into, international sign interpreters are required.

Whispered simultaneous interpreting

This form of interpreting is also in real time which can be provided when one or two people do not comprehend the language of a meeting, visit or interview. The interpreter whispers to the attendee the contents of the meeting or interview and no technical equipment is required.