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Knowledge through experience

2. Sworn translation


At Akoté we have an ample and varied team of highly qualified and specialized sworn translators, thanks to which we always meet the needs of our clients. Once translated, our translators sign and stamp the documents, thus conferring to them the same legal force of the originals.


We have experience partnering with multinationals where we have handled the translation of all the documentation required to transfer professionals from one country to another, for instance:

Work contracts / Birth and marriage certificates / Criminal records / Academic degrees and transcripts / Medical reports

We accompany engineering and construction companies in their international tenders and all throughout the contract process. Most notably, in the bidding phase we perform sworn translations that are legal, technical and financial in nature, such as:

Deeds of all sorts (power of attorney, appointments, etc.) / Statutes / Management accounts and annual tabs / Independent audit reports of annual tabs / Civil liability certificates / Official certificates for construction work and technical assistance (airports, roads, bridges, etc.) / Tax agency certificates / ISO certificates / Certificates of registration in the Commercial Register