Details matter


1. Specialized translation


Technical translation: civil engineering, airports, architecture/ construction, renewable energy, etc.

In this field, translations are oftentimes located within large-scale projects with very limited timings that require the effectiveness of a team of translators (two or more, plus a reviewer). In this regard we maintain a close and fruitful relationship with our engineering clients expanding in countries like Turkey, Brazil, Norway and Saudi Arabia.


Software translation

These highly complex projects require strict planning and an in-depth prior study. Existing instructions and/or style guides for translation must be followed to the tee to translate all the elements of the graphic interface.


Translation in the automobile sector

We translate manuals, motor catalogues, and quarterly magazines specializing in the motor world. When needed, Akoté translators are available to translate at our clients’ offices when dealing with sensitive information or information that for security purposes cannot be sent and we have done this on numerous occasions.


Financial translation

Financial translation requires highly specialized translators. The types of documents we translate on a regular basis are: annual tabs, balance sheets, financial papers, profit and loss accounts, audit reports, management reports, bank certificates, bank statements, etc...


Medical translation

Our team of translators have ample experience in a variety of medical specialties. Over the years our team has grown, and we are now able to cover the needs of our clients regardless of their medical discipline. We translate medical studies, clinical studies, articles published in prestigious magazines, research projects, etc.


Legal translation

Our service includes the translation of lawsuits, rulings and all sorts of documents relative to disputes for our clients worldwide. We understand the demanding nature of deadlines when it comes to these assignments.


Translation for marketing and advertising

The profile of our translators for these kinds of assignments is the most creative. Customary translations include product presentations, press releases, magazine articles, campaigns and marketing actions. We work in the following sectors: fashion, automobile, insurance, food, banking, etc.


Audiovisual translation

We translate spots and screenplays for audiovisual production companies. As occurs in marketing and advertising, translation in the audiovisual sector also requires creativity.