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Condiciones legales

Text Editing and Proofreading

Your text will be thoroughly checked in terms of grammar, vocabulary and style to ensure its correctness and suitability for the intended purpose.


We carry out transcriptions from audio or video media into the same language; translation is also available. This kind of service is often required after a conference, when all the oral presentations are needed on hard copy for subsequent publishing of the proceedings book, papers, or just for convenience when working.


We can subtitle any video material (corporate, institutional, documentary, fiction, etc). Subtitles in the target language will be added on-screen to the video recorded in the source language.

Tourist guides

This service is provided by officially qualified tourist guides, with an exclusive service guaranteed in Madrid and other regions. In addition to official guides, there is the possibility of requesting alternative tourist guides who will show you other curiosities to be found in Madrid.

Conference hostesses

We provide hostesses who speak foreign languages as required for your event.